Nonprofit + Corporate


"I could really go for a glass of wine and a million dollars." 

Events tell your organization's story.

They inspire change.

They provoke emotion.

They make a difference. 

What's your strategy?

Our corporate and nonprofit event packages are completely customizable to your needs and budgets.

We've managed numerous events in the Northern Nevada region and

are the region's leading specialist in online auction bidding and giving.



Atypical has helped raise over

$1.2 million for nonprofits. 



Here’s just a sample of the types of events we handle: 






What do we do? Let's grab coffee or jump on FaceTime. Here's just an idea of our scope.

Proud Partner of

  • Galas

  • Fundraising luncheons, cocktail parties and other events

  • Golf tournaments

  • Anniversaries and other celebrations

  • Board retreats

  • Corporate and leadership conferences

  • Annual meetings 

  • And so much more!

  • Overall event strategy that meet’s the client’s needs/goals

  • Fundraising strategy

  • Event concept, theme or idea

  • Venue selection

  • Vendor selection and contract negotiations

  • Mobile/online auction bidding

  • All auction components including item input, packages, bid sheets and signage

  • Event website

  • Sponsorship packages

  • Sponsor sales training and support

  • Donor solicitation and thank you letters

  • Event timeline

  • Event program

  • On-site event coordination

  • Budget reconciliation

  • Staffing/labor/volunteer coordination

  • Press coverage/advertising

  • And much more!